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As it’s a completely independent project conceived and funded by ourselves we had a very limited budget. We planned to print between 25 - 30 of each visual using serigraphy or HP Indigo and sell them during the exhibition and on the website to amortize the project.

For each cover, specifically created for this project by the artists using their particular techniques, two distinct objects have been printed:

_ A vinyl cover, which contains an original copy of the illustrated record, has been printed on digital offset press (HP Indigo) at 3 copies (not for sale)

_ A poster printed on fine art paper using screen printing (serigraphy) or digital offset press (HP Indigo). 

Step of artwork production - Martin Woodward Mind Over Matter

Step of artwork production - Martin WoodwardMind Over Matter 

Main exhibition Visual / created by Jean- Philippe Bretin & David Chastel


Ben Mendelewicz I’ve Lost Control /  Inspired by Sleezy D - I’ve Lost Control, 1986, Trax Records (TX113)


Jiro Bevis I Have A Dream, Inspired by the record of dB featuring Bambi - I Have A Dream, 1987, Underground (UN-121)

We voluntarily chose artists with very heterogeneous visual universes to reveal the richness of the images these records are likely to summon. We hope that this style diversity will give the same pleasure that you can have while stumbling upon a wide variety of covers in a record store’s crates. The selection of records, their universe and thematics will act as a governing principle for the show.


Yann Desfougères Entercourse Of The New Age, Inspired by the track of the same name from Glenn Crocker’s record: - We Have Arrived, 1992, 

Chicago Underground (CU-6903)


Michael Weisser Computer Madness, Inspired by the track of the same name from the EP Work That Mutha Fucker by Steve Pointdexter

Steve Pointdexter - Work That Mutha Fucker, 1989, Muzique Records (MR-001)


Hugo Ruyant The Utopia Project - File #1, Inspired by the record of the same name by The Utopia Project 

The Utopia Project - File #1, 1990, Nu Groove Records (NG-051)


Ben Marcus I Fear The Night, Inspired by the record of the same name by Tyree featuring Chic 

Tyree featuring Chic - I Fear The Night, 1986, Underground (UN-103)


Futur Neue The New World Order (Full PMMA version) - Inspired by the record of the same name by Armando Gallop

Armando – The New World Order, 1993, Trax Records (TRAX 5016)

Mark Goddard

Mark Goddard came from London to Paris to see the show!👀🙌😎✨Mark composed the amazing Ep released in 1992 under the alias "Truth" appropriated by the graphic designers duo called Check Morris and presented on the show as a strong blue silkscreen printing.



All the artists, Julie Le Baron, Antoine Fontaine, Xavier Ehretsmann, Controverse, Mélinda Montbrun, Ruf Dug, Throwing Shade, Séverine Bascouert, Antoine Miserey, Mark Goddard, Etienne Chaigne, Henriette Delyfer, Jean-Philippe Bretin, Jonathan Ratheau, Raphael Fanelli, Pierre Human, François Segallou, Benoît Julienne, Yann Desfougères, David Fornasier, Sophie Pierre, E Center, Arthur Naulot, Michael Weisser, Nico Motte, Alex Dujet, Remy Lewandowski for all your help, tips and support during the conception and the development of this project!

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