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Jacob Wise, Spoon Factor 3, Screen Printing on wood block / NOW AVAILABLE

Jonathan Castro, Know Who You Are At Every Age - Digital Offset Press Printing on wood block/ NOW AVAILABLE

Rémi Volclair, De Orbit - UV Printing / NOW AVAILABLE 

Simon Rulquin, Sandy - Screen printing / NOW AVAILABLE

Entercourse Of The New Age - Sweat-Shirt Event Horizon
Designed by
Futur Neue / 2020

"Entercourse Of The New Age - Poster", Mars 2019 / © Photo Diane Arques, ADAGP, Paris

Entercourse Of The New Age - Tee-shirt

Jacob Wise, Spoon Factor 3
Screen Printing, 2019

Records Incognito

Panama Papers Office, Nu Signal Exhibition poster
Paris, 2019

Amine Ghorab & Scott Renau, Fig.1 : Moon
Digital offset press Printing, 2018

Futur Neue, The New World Order
Screen print on PMMA panel, 2018