Entercourse Of The New Age is a fine art publishing project focused on visuals and designs in the north american electronic music vinyl production of the 80s and 90s. 

Records selection

Armando - 151 - The Remixes (1992), Trax Records (TRAX 5016)

Blake Baxter - EP (1988), Incognito Records (IR 112688)

Gherkin Jerks - 1990 LP (1990), Gherkin Records (GKE1058)

Truth - EP (1992), Funky Groove Records (Funky 4)

Steve Poindexter - Work That Mutha Fucker (1989), Muzique Records (MR-001)

G Strings - The Land Of Dreams (1990), G Strings (GS 300)

Master C&J - When You Hold Me (1986), Trax Records (TX118)

Sleezy D. - I’ve Lost Control (1986), Trax Records (TX113)

dB featuring Bambi - I Have A Dream (1987), Underground (UN-121)

The Utopia - Project File 1 (1990) Nu Groove Records (NG-051)

Glenn Crocker - We-Have-Arrived (1992), Chicago Underground (CU-6903)

Tyree Featuring Chic - I Fear The Night (1986), Underground (UN-103)

Terrance McDonald - Mind Over Matter (1991), Saber Records (S 3010)


We planned to print between 25 - 30 of each visual using screen print or HP Indigo to show and sell them in an exhibition that took place in Paris, in January 2017.

Each cover was specifically created for this project, the artists used their particular techniques, two distinct objects have been printed:

- A poster printed on fine art paper using screen printing (serigraphy) or digital offset press (HP Indigo). 

- A vinyl cover, which contains an original copy of the illustrated record, has been printed on digital offset press (HP Indigo) at 3 copies (not for sale)

Main exhibition visual designed by Jean-Philippe Bretin 

With the participation of: 

Michael Weisser (GER), Jean-Phillippe Bretin (FR)
Futur Neue (CH), Leon Sadler (UK), Check Morris (FR), 
Ben Marcus (U.S.A.), Jiro Bevis (UK), Maxime Guyon (CH), 
Ada Sokol (POL), Yann Desfougères (FR), Antoine Orand (BEL) 
Martin Woodward (UK), Ben Mendelewicz (U.S.A.), Hugo Ruyant (FR)

Poster Wall - Entercourse Of The New Age, Paris, January 2017

Cover Wall - Entercourse Of The New Age, Paris, January 2017