Entercourse of the New Age - Exhibition

Out Of Sight, exhibition views, Geneva, 2018

The curatorial of this project tries to visually extend the themes whose records are imprinted.

The human-non-human dichotomy, New-Tech design as well as the whole relationship to body and sensuality but also to melancholy are at the center of this project.
From the visual reading of the exhibition, the imbalance created by ultra- contemporary imagery applied to a dated and historical musical material will amplify the distortions effects, characteristic of our project.

Some artists are chosen because they portray a synthetic world and sanitized where human beings - and even the living in general - have no place because this feeling of ultra-arti cial universe is characteristic of the musical material we ask them to adapt.

In return, other artists maintain a relationship to the body or textures evocative of a form of pop sensuality revealing a form of humanity exacerbated, intimist because the House Music also reveals a high degree of internalization.

We hope that the artists invited specially for the project are the one that bring the missing material rather than the visual indication these records are susceptible to summon. The idea is not to produce covers as they could have been imagined at the time of their release but to relate the contemporaneity of techniques and scenes represented, whether gurative or abstract. 

Out Of Sight, construction views


All the artists, Alex Dujet, Antoine Fontaine, Maxime Sabourin, Ismael Abdallah, Hugo Ruyant & Ellie Orain, Sophie Pierre, Yann Desfougères, Art Composit, Antoine Miserey, Arnaud Bergeret, Romain Thoreau, Loic bailleul, Steve Roulet, Xavier Le Josse, Guy Bourguignon, Martin & Yassine, Nathalie Picard, Sylvie Chastel, Diane Arques, Frederic Post, Nico (Motel Campo), Jean Nipon, Sebastien Mathys, Xavier Ehrestmann, Ismael Abdallah, Gitano Camero, Paola Carbone...

Exhibition views, Paris, 2017

Entercourse Of The New Age, exhibition view, Paris, 2017. Photo : © Diane Arques / ADAGP, 2018

Construction views, Paris, 2017

Opening photos, Paris 2017

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