EOTNA Yasmina Gonin - Goddess Of Love

Yasmina Gonin 
"Goddess Of Love"

Digital offset press printing on velin white Natural Evolution paper - 145 grs.
50 x 50 cm
Limited edition of 30 copies - signed and numbered

Inspired by the record produced by "Terrance Mc Donald - Mind Over Matter"
Saber Records – S 301


Artwork unframed : 35,00€

Artwork framed : 250€

Eotna Clear Frame : Printing pressed between two panels of clear PMMA (5mm thickness) - back clear PMMA wires
55 x 55 cm


Reception of the item is for:

France / order + 4 days max.
E.U., Switzerland / order + 6 days max.
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia/ order + 8 days max.

Shipping prices Unframed / Framed :

Paris: Free if meeting at the studio (email us)
France: 12€ / 17€
E.U. Switzerland: 15€ / 18€
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia: 35€ / 55€

(Insurance of the poster value always included)


Total price (poster + shipping)


Total price (poster + shipping)

Visual Artist

Yasmina Gonin is a Swiss photographer based in London. Fascinated by architecture and especially sculpture in the public space, she transforms 3D into 2D by creating flat areas by a play of light and colors. Through this personal technique, she affirms her personal style by taking these elements out of their original context.

Record producer

Mind Over Matter is Chicagoan musician Terrance McDonald’s first record. After this one for Saber, one of the various Trax Records’s sub label in Chicago that delivered some raw releases, closer to the Marcus Mixx universe (and his labels Missing Records and Missing Dog Records) the whom released some tracks on Saber. This one by Terrance Mcdonald possesses some Hi-NRG disco influences, and includes some pop elements in darker structures.

He also produced some tracks under the aliases Flat Circuit and DJ Metal X for Dancemania’s compilations, followed by three records for the Dutch label Djax Records.