EOTNA Ismael Abdallah - Magic Meltdown

Ismaël Abdallah

"Magic Meltdown"

Digital offset press printing on velin white Natural Evolution paper - 145 grs.
50 x 50 cm
Limited edition of 30 copies - signed and numbered


Inspired by the track "Strange Creatures" on "Gherkin Jerks - 1990" LP
Gherkin Records – GKE1058


Artwork unframed: 35,00€
Artwork framed: 250€

Eotna Clear Frame : Printing pressed between two panels of clear PMMA (5mm thickness) - back clear PMMA wires
55 x 55 cm

Reception of the item is for:

France / order + 4 days max.
E.U., Switzerland / order + 6 days max.
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia/ order + 8 days max.

Shipping prices Unframed / Framed :

Paris: Free if meeting at the studio (email us)
France: 12€ / 17€
E.U. Switzerland: 15€ / 18€
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia: 35€ / 55€

(Insurance of the poster value always included)


Total price (poster + shipping)


Total price (poster + shipping)

Visual artist

Ismaël Abdallah is a French graphic designer based in Geneva, he co-founded the graphic design studio AMI and the publishing house Miami Books.

Record producer

Gherkin Records, founded in 1987 by Brett Wilcots and Jim Stivers, was a chicagoan label active during only four short years. But if the label didn’t last as long as let’s say Trax Records or DJ International, it let us a wild catalogue of 44 releases including some by Chicago’s finest : Armando, Ron Trent, Robert Owens or last but not least Larry Heard.

The latter, under his Gherkin Jerks alias, brought some cult EPs on the label. With minimalistic beats and dreamy synths, this 1990 EP, released in 1989, already demonstrates the obsession of Larry Heard with thematics such as other dimensions, space, and futuristic landscapes.

In that sense, this obsession might be what connects the Chicago born and raised Larry Heard with the incoming scene of Detroit Techno.