EOTNA Angélique Stehli - Crystal

Angélique Stehli

Digital offset press printing on velin white Natural Evolution paper - 145 grs.
50 x 50 cm
Limited edition of 30 copies - signed and numbered

Inspired by the record "G Strings - The Land Of Dreams"EP
G Strings Records GS 300


Artwork unframed : 35,00€

Artwork framed : 250€

Eotna Clear Frame : Printing pressed between two panels of clear PMMA (5mm thickness) - back clear PMMA wires
55 x 55 cm


Reception of the item is for:

France / order + 4 days max.
E.U., Switzerland / order + 6 days max.
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia/ order + 8 days max.

Shipping prices Unframed / Framed :

Paris: Free if meeting at the studio (email us)
France: 12€ / 17€
E.U. Switzerland: 15€ / 18€
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia: 35€ / 55€

(Insurance of the poster value always included)


Total price (poster + shipping)


Total price (poster + shipping)

Visual artist

Angélique Stehli, born in 1993, is a Franco-Swiss photographer and videographer with a degree in Ecal (Ecole Cantonale d’Art de Lausanne). Her work, inspired by his childhood in California, focuses on portraits, architecture and fashion. The color, the sensuality and the archiving of his daily life are important elements of his work.

She was published in Harper’s Bazaar Japan, The World, Fine Arts Magazine. In 2018 the photographer is one of the winners of the Grand Prix Vevey Images and she is also exhibited at the Festival Circulation (s) in Paris. Angélique recently received an award in Los Angeles for her first short film.

Record producer 

G Strings is Chicagoans Gregory Sims and Jennifer Hampton’s only record. It was published on a label created especially for the occasion. The record was produced and distributed by Barney’s, a record store owned by Raymond Barney who also founded the record label Dance Mania.

This is one of Chicago’s most emotional piece of House music. It can be considered as one of the first Deep House tracks (alongside Ron Trent’s « Afterlife », published the same year). On the label, we can notice the presence of the obituary note « Dedicated to the Memory of Willie Sims ». Those kind of personal notes were quite common in the Chicago House « industry » », they reveal the emotional commitment of some producers in their work back then and can suggest the intense atmosphere that could enfold the dancefloor at night.