EOTNA Boris Détraz - Rhesusept

Boris Détraz


Digital offset press printing on velin white Natural Evolution paper - 145 grs.
50 x 50 cm
Limited edition of 30 copies - signed and numbered

Inspired by the track "China & L.I.A.M - Do You Love Me (Say Yes)" from Various - Missing Records Special Edition Volume 1
Missing Records (2) – MR003 & 4, Missing Records (2) – MR005

Artwork unframed : 35,00€

Artwork framed : 250€

Eotna Clear Frame : Printing pressed between two panels of clear PMMA (5mm thickness) - back clear PMMA wires
55 x 55 cm


Reception of the item is for:

France / order + 4 days max.
E.U., Switzerland / order + 6 days max.
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia/ order + 8 days max.

Shipping prices Unframed / Framed :

Paris: Free if meeting at the studio (email us)
France: 12€ / 17€
E.U. Switzerland: 15€ / 18€
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia: 35€ / 55€

(Insurance of the poster value always included)


Total price (poster + shipping)


Total price (poster + shipping)

Visual Artist 

The images of Boris Détraz necessarily follow the route of his gaze in time: otaku adolescence and video games as a source of discordant imagery; discovery of the pictorial tradition validating the nervous joy of soiling; then recent mutation provoking these twisted lines with soft textures from a digital practice. Computer painting, it is in this mix of drawings and smooth textures borrowed from digital imagery that Boris Détraz finds his balance. The format of the zine / artist book arises as a structure for its most recent series. Released via Chambre Charbon, a publishing house created to publish its curatorial experiences, the Blessure Magazine series invite artists like Antoine Orand, Sabrina Ratté, Brenna Murphy or Yannick Val Gesto.

Record producer 

Working as an engineer on several Marcus Mixx releases in the early days of the Chicago House Scene, L.I.A.M. (Gitano Camero) also released some self-produced tracks, often on Various Art-ists EPs. This one, released in 1987, gives a good taste of the darker corners of the Chigago House scene, with gritty bass line and twisted vocals. Missing Records (and parent label Missing Dog Records), Marcus Mixx own labels, released very few limited records that soon became leg-endary DJ materials. They brought a major underrated contribution to what would become the sound of Jackin House in Chicago. A sound still perpetrated today with artists such as Traxx or Hieroglyphic Being and their respective labels Nation Records and Mathematics.