Panama Papers Office
"Entercourse Of The New Age - Poster "

Black & silver offset press printing on Olin Extra White paper - 130 grs.
40 x 60 cm
Limited edition of 120 copies - numbered

Artwork: 30,00€

Reception of the item is for:

France / order + 5 days max.
E.U., Switzerland / order + 8 days max.
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia/ order + 15 days max.

Shipping prices :

Paris: Free if meeting at the studio (email us)
France: 12€ 
E.U. Switzerland: 15€ 
International, U.S.A., Asia, Australia: 35€

(Insurance of the poster value always included)

Total price (poster + shipping)

Panama Papers Office is a channel for creative out come highlithing communication design and bespoke solutions they have developed with and for clients. Run by Ilan Begarin, Pierre Dufresne and Florent Martini, the studio’s idea is based on their experience that creation is a source of learning and understanding. They have a special
interest for the meaning of images, typography, craft and innovative technics. This cross-disciplinary approach has given place to self initiated projects and comissioned works.
P.P.O have collaborated with designers and clients on their projects to create singles answers : Tunica Magazine #7 (Mexico) / Wie Wars Mal Mit (Switzerland) and more recently, Entercourse of the new age (France).


The development of the poster was born from the intention to present the recent printed media resulting from the collaboration of E.O.TN.A. & Panama Papers Office studio.

Here is a question of highlighting the typographical work imagined by the creative studio in the context of the development of the new visual identity applied to the project (elaboration of letterings, monograms, posters, website structure patterns, website header lettering...).

These researches and results (art prints, t-shirt, silkscreened flag...) will disseminate the graphic and formal biases of a common artistic direction.


Slider pictures : © Photo Diane Arques / ADAGP, Paris, 2018

Printed on a Heidelberg 460x640mm with Joos Wiersinga at Rietveld Academy (NL)