Entercourse Of The New Age - Panama Papers Office T-Shirt

Entercourse Of The New Age - Tee Shirt

Black screen print on organic white cotton, 180 gr. / m2
Limited edition 
Released: June 2019
Graphic design: Panama Papers Office

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USA / ASIA: 20€

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The development of the T-Shirt was born from the intention to present the recent printed media resulting from the collaboration of the E.O.T.N.A. & Panama Papers Office studio.

The face shows the names of the events produced by Entercourse Of The New Age since its creation in 2017. 

The back contains the archive as well as a technical description of the graphic objects resulting from previous artistic collaborations with Jacob Wise, Amine Ghorab & Scott Renau, Check Morris, Jonathan Castro, Angélique Stehli, Jiro Bevis, Maxime Guyon & Ada Sokol, Gergo Kovács, Boris Détraz, Yasmina Gonin, Ismael Abdallah, Kristina Kulikova, Futur Neue, Jean-Philippe Bretin.

Several graphic elements and numerical values have been extracted from the plans of the mass of spaces invested by the project during previous exhibitions. 

This garment was made possible through a first edition (50 copies) produced with the support of Edwin Europe and dedicated to physical sales only (Nu Signal Exhibition - Paris, Offprint - London). 

This second and last self-produced edition is intended for online sales and more international distribution.