Rémi Volclair
"De Orbit" - FACE A

Reversible artwork, 4 layers Print, Quadrichromy UV printing process on Plexiglas 6 mm

Dimensions : 43,5 x 42 cm
Released : November 2021

Artwork : 140€ Shipping included

Reception of the item :

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Visual Artist

My name is Remi Volclair, a 25-year-old Frenchman from Normandy. I am a graphic designer with a main passion for typography and the visual graphics. 

It’s been around one year now that I have been working fully as a freelancer and thanks to that - I have been able to live freely, combining work with travel. 

I started studying graphic design 4 years ago at the Intuit lab school in Aix en Provence. During the first year I got the chance to learn MANAA which taught me a lot of the basics. Due to the quality teachers I was able to transmit a vision of art together with passion. After 3 years of study I went straight to freelance until today where I continue to thrive with different projects and new clients.


De Orbit - Speedy J

Visual adaptation of the track «De-Orbit» composed by Dutch producer Speedy J and appearing on the EP «Rise» released on the Canadian label «Plus 8 records» in 1991.

People like Laurent Garnier, Aphex Twin and Richie Hawtin, he made up the second generation of electronic music mainly influenced by Detroit. Jochem Paap (aka Speedy J) is unanimously considered as one of the first techno producer from Benelux.

Since early 90's Speedy J has released records on labels like Warp, Plus 8 and Novamute. But as techno becomes a dominant force on many dance floors around the world Jochem Paap will turn to a more complex, fluid and harmonious techno filled with clashing samples, crackling rhythms and terribly exciting turns.

Over the years he collaborated with videomakers, filmmakers and advertisers. He made the DVD Umfeld a pioneering audiovisual electronic journey, which is the norm for many composers who want to compose for six highs in years to come.


Pictures : © EOTNA / Paris, 2021